Build a Danish Modern Coffee Table DVD

Build a Danish Modern Coffee Table DVD

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Build a retro coffee table using simple loose-tenon joinery. Danish modern furniture is known for minimalist looks and clean, sweeping lines, and this solid-walnut table holds true, letting the beauty of the wood do the talking. You’ll learn:

  • Wood selection for best grain orientation and working with patterns 
  • Simple tips for pattern routing to create matching, shaped pieces 
  • Multiple methods to create loose-tenon joints without breaking the bank 
  • Hand- and power-tool methods to bevel the underside of the top 
  • And much more! 

Learn the techniques, then you can build a complete living room set to match!

David Thiel & Jake Motz both work on the video team for Popular Woodworking. David has been with the company as an editor for the magazine and woodworking books, and now works in video. He has been a woodworker for almost 40 years and still loves the experience. Jake is newer to woodworking but has a number of other projects ready to build. He is trained as a video editor and videographer and expands his woodworking knowledge while he works.