Joinery Master Class with Frank Klausz

Joinery Master Class with Frank Klausz

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Frank Klausz has been recognized as an expert craftsmen and top woodworking educator for decades. Known especially for his dovetails, Frank learned how to hand-craft woodworking joints through practice in the cabinet shop run by his father in Hungary then refined his techniques while building custom cabinets in his own shop in the U.S. Now, he is offering the very best of what he has learned and refined in a video master class that will help you improve your joinery skills too.

Download this 7+ hour video to watch and learn:

  • The essentials on choosing, jointing and planing the wood for your project so it's perfectly square and flat.
  • Wood joinery for edge joints using biscuits, splines and just glue.
  • How to create bridle joints on the table saw.
  • Make frame-and-panel doors using dowels and loose tenons.
  • Frank's simple technique for making half-lap joints with a dado stack on the table saw.
  • How to make mitered mortise and tenon joints by hand and machine.
  • How to make hand-cut sliding dovetails and how they're used in Frank's well-known water pond (and learn the secret to his pond!).

Frank also includes five projects that will help you practice your new skills. Follow along and learn to:

  • Build a simple plywood bookcase using rabbeted sides to hold the back, biscuit joinery for the carcase.
  • Create a coffee table using mortise-and-tenon joints, hand-cut housed dovetail joinery and hand-cut dovetailed drawers.
  • Make a simple box using finger joints on the table saw.
  • Build a wall mirror with perfectly-mitered corners using biscuit joinery.
  • Make a perfectly-mitered box, then dress up the corners with "decorative" dovetails, finger joints, French dovetails.

BONUS: Free PDF download with your purchase!

Get a 5 page Popular Woodworking Magazine article "Your First Tool Kit" by Frank Klausz with your purchase. Bonus download will be emailed to you after your purchase. With over seven-hours of expert instruction and dozens of tips, this video sums up the very best advice on joinery from one of the country's finest woodworkers. No matter what your skill level, Joinery Master Class with Frank Klausz belongs in your library. Note: Due to the size of the files and length of the video this download there are two separate files to download and may take longer than usual.