Finishing Basics: 13 Simple Solutions for Great-looking Projects eBook

Finishing Basics: 13 Simple Solutions for Great-looking Projects eBook

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Flexner starts you out with a "Finishing Overview,” teaching you the terms and techniques you need to know to get the best results for your projects.

Next, Flexner shows you "How to Choose a Finish.” In this article, you’ll discover why it’s as important to determine what you don’t need in a finish as it is to decide what you want.

When the glue is dry on a project, it’s tempting to quickly finish it and put it to use – only to be frustrated by slow-drying finishes. In "Finishing in One Day (Or Less)” Flexner walks you through the fastest-drying finishes, as well as a few pitfalls that might slow you down.

To channel Forrest Gump, there’s linseed oil, tung oil, Danish oil, mineral oil, butcher-block oil – how do you wade through it all? In "What is Oil,” Flexner defines the basic families of oil, and how many varieties of "oil” are really a blend of varnish and oil.

Quick – is a product labeled as a wood conditioner a sealer or a washcoat? Flexner explores "Sealers & Washcoats,” showing you how each product performs a specific function – and why they are often mislabeled.

Lacquer is a fast-drying finish that’s a favorite of the pros. Flexner explores "An Array of Lacquers” to help you find the best one for your projects, and lets you know why some products called "lacquer” aren’t lacquer at all.

"Brushing? I know how to at least do that!” you might think – but we’ve all seen runs, sags and brushmarks from time to time. In "How to Brush a Finish,” Flexner offers tips and techniques to give you better results when you wield a brush.

One of the most important steps for a smooth final finish is to sand between coats. In "Sanding Finishes,” Robert W. Lang shows you how to avoid the most common mistakes, and teaches you about an alternative to sandpaper.

Flexner jumps back in with his "5 Tricks for a Silky-smooth Finish,” common-sense tips that give great results and save you valuable time – and Flexner shows you how a simple paper bag is a great final tool for a perfect finish.

Glazing is a great way to blend tones or add faux age to any piece – and it’s as simple as a stain between two layers of finish. Glen D. Huey will help you discover "Glazing for the Ages.”

You’ve read about French polishing, so now learn about "French Polishing Myths” with Flexner. He’ll show you why you should use cotton (and not linen), how to set up your polishing pad and how to use a glancing light to see if you’re doing it right.

Despite best efforts, sometimes a finish just doesn’t go well. In "5 Common Finishing Problems,” Flexner shows you how to fix common finishing fails, and how to avoid them in the first place.

And all this accumulated knowledge is only $3.99.