Basic Lathe Set & Tools with Carl Jacobson   Web Seminar Download

Basic Lathe Set & Tools with Carl Jacobson Web Seminar Download

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Join host, Carl Jacobson for this recorded webinar as he covers the basic lathe setup, plus a discussion on proper safety equipment. Discover all of the expert tips you need to know about the tools needed to start turning everything from Pens to Bowls. For example, Carl will discuss what a steady rest is and how to use a Jacobs chuck on the lathe.

Download this power point presentaion to learn:

  • SAFETY: Face shield and proper apparel
  • LATHE: Choosing the right lathe, basic parts, setup, and different types lathe
  • LATHE SPEED: Choosing the right speed
  • TOOLS: Basic tools and Gouges
  • SCROLL CHUCKS: Different uses, bowls, boxes
  • FACE PLATES: Different uses
  • TOOL REST: Choosing the right tool rest and maintenance
  • LIVE CENTER: Adapters
  • CALIPERS: Different types of calipers
  • DEPTH GAUGE: Using the depth gauges
  • SPUR CENTER and WOODWORM SCREW: Proper uses for both
  • JACOBS CHUCK: Different uses for the Jacobs chuck on the lathe, Forstner bits, Dill bits
  • PEN MANDREL: Turning pens and other small projects and choosing the right size bushings
  • STEADY REST: Applications for this tool

About the Author: Carl Jacobson first started woodworking with his grandfather in Coquille, Oregon as a young boy. He continued working with wood through high school. He got into woodturning in his early 20's after seeing a turned project in a friends shop. Shortly after YouTube started he began doing instructional videos. After looking up a how-to video for duck calls, with no results he decided to make his own video. Now 100s of videos later, he's a full time Web instructor and woodturner.