Best of Christopher Schwarz Digital Edition

Best of Christopher Schwarz Digital Edition

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We asked Christopher Schwarz what he thought was his best work for Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine, and his response came as an initial surprise: "I really hope my best stuff is in the pipeline." But in hindsight, that's an excellent answer - for all of us, whether we are new to the craft or have years of experience in the shop, the goal should be to always strive for improvement, whether it's learning how to use a new tool (or an old tool), trying a new (or old) technique or building a new kind of project.

These articles, first published in Popular Woodworking Magazine and Woodworking Magazine, exemplify Christopher's approach of taking a deep dive into woodworking history to learn old ways that are new to him, coupled with his love of hand tools and traditional techniques for working wood. And you'll learn from his experience as you read (and work) through the following five articles that are a sampling of some of what we think is the best and most useful work Christopher has published with the magazines during the past decade.

Dutch Tool Chest

This traditional chest provides great shop storage in a small footprint - and it's even better on the road. Plus, it's quick to build.

Coarse, Medium & Fine

Handplanes aren't inherently slow, but the way we use them can make them that way. Explore this system that allows you to blend hand and power, and allows you to surface lumber faster and more accurately.

Monticello's Stacking Bookcases

Learn how to cut mitered-shoulders dovetails and make a period-perfect plinth as you build the book boxes that held the foundation of the Library of Congress.

Build Furniture with a Hammer

Hammers and nails have developed the reputation of being second-class joinery. Don't believe it. The right nail, right hammer and right technique can be a revelation.

How to Saw

When it comes to sawing, practice won't help if you're practicing a poor method. These 10 rules and three tricks to successful sawing will soon have you sinking your teeth into perfect saw use.