Beyond the Vise, Part Deux: Miter Shooting Boards Video Download

Beyond the Vise, Part Deux: Miter Shooting Boards Video Download

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Beyond the Vise, Part Deux: Miter Shooting Boards

Webinar Download: Beyond the Vise, Part Deux: MiterShooting Boards (Recorded Web Seminar)

Shooting boards are important jigs that allow woodworkers to acheive perfectly smooth and accurate workpieces. Even less than perfect saw cuts can be made square and precise with the right shooting board and technique.

In Steve’s second webinar with Popular Woodworking University, he discusses the basics of shooting boards and describes in detail the various types you’ll want to make for your shop.

In This Recorded Webinar, Steve Answers Your Most Important Questions About Shooting Boards:

  • What exactly is a shooting board?
  • What materials do I need to build one?
  • What type of shooting board do I use to shoot square ends?
  • What shooting board works for miter cuts?
  • How do I shoot end grain? How about angled cuts?
  • What sort of plane do I use with a shooting board?

What You’ll Receive

  • Access to a recording of the event packed with all the must-have information, so even if you did not attend the live event you won’t miss a thing.
  • A PDF of the presentation so you have it as a resource when you’re planning furniture design.

The downloadable MP4 video file will work on both PCs (Windows Media Player) and Macs.

About Steve Branam:

Steve Branam is a software engineer and woodworking hobbyist in Ayer, MA. He has been working with hand tools for 5 years. He enjoys working with traditional methods and teaching the skills he has acquired. He likes to show people that even if they don’t have access to a well-equipped power-tool workshop, they can still do woodworking of all kinds.

Steve writes the woodworking blog, which is read all over the world. On it he shares projects and techniques, and documents woodworking events in his area.