Beyond the Vise: Workholding for Hand Tools Video Download

Beyond the Vise: Workholding for Hand Tools Video Download

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Webinar Download: Beyond the Vise—Workholding for Hand Tools (Recorded Web Seminar)

To use hand tools effectively, you need to be able to hold your work in place. Most workbenches have a vise for this. But that’s only part of the solution. The vise isn’t always appropriate. And what if you don’t have a good vise, or are away from your shop?

In this webinar, with photos of centuries-old workholding methods in use, Steve will show you fast and efficient ways to hold your work. These accommodate workpieces in all orientations for face, edge and end work.

He’ll show you how to combine simple, effective methods to handle both common and unusual situations, including improvised and portable setups. This will increase your versatility in and away from the workshop.

Here is a list of the topics that Steve will cover:

  • Why go beyond the vise?
  • Just what are the requirements for holding work?
  • What methods have been handed down across generations of woodworkers?
  • What about working outside the shop, away from your regular workbench?

What you’ll receive:

  • Access a recording of the event packed with all the must-have information, so even if you did not attend the live event you won’t miss a thing.
  • A PDF of the presentation so you have it as a resource when you’re planning furniture design.

About Steve Branam:

Steve Branam is a software engineer and woodworking hobbyist in Ayer, MA. He has been working with hand tools for 5 years. He enjoys working with traditional methods and teaching the skills he has acquired. He likes to show people that even if they don’t have access to a well-equipped power-tool workshop, they can still do woodworking of all kinds.

Steve writes the woodworking blog, which is read all over the world. On it he shares projects and techniques, and documents woodworking events in his area.