Build a Hand-Crafted Octagonal Table Video Download

Build a Hand-Crafted Octagonal Table Video Download

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Use hand skills to build these Windsor tables

You'll learn to use traditional hand tools and techniques as you build an elegant octagonal table. You'll learn:

  • Tips on riving your own wood from logs
  • The benefits of using a shaving horse and what features to look for in your own
  • How to use a drawknife and spokeshave to form wood into sculpted, elegant shapes
  • To boil wood for bending – simpler than steaming for small pieces
  • About leg geometry and how to sight, bore and ream mortises accurately
  • To hand-cut a half-lap joint to add strength, and stability to your table
  • And much more!

Learn the simple pleasures of hand-crafting your own funiture.

Watch a Preview Now:

About the Host:
Elia Bizzarri uses traditional tools and techniques to rive, hew, shave and turn elegant Windsor chairs. He's crafted chairs professionally since 2002, teaches classes at his workshop and in central North Carolina and at schools around the country. Elia apprenticed under master chairmaker Curtis Buchanan, and has been a frequent guest of Roy Underhill on PBS's The Woodwright's Shop. To learn more about Windsor tables, visit