Building Birdhouses with A.J. Hamler  Video Download

Building Birdhouses with A.J. Hamler Video Download

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Birdhouses are great projects for everyone! If you’ve never done woodworking, building birdhouses is a great introduction to the hobby, with attractive and useful results—for you and the birds! As a woodworker, if you’ve been looking for a way to get your children or grandchildren interested in your hobby, Building Birdhouses is the place to start! You’ll learn:

  • To build three great projects (a basic birdhouse, a dressed-up birdhouse & a roosting box for those cold months)
  • How easy it is to build birdhouses with only a few basic tools most homeowners already own
  • Tips for making your birdhouse popular with the types of birds in your area

Birdhouses are a quality time for the whole family, and easy to build!

About the author:

A.J. Hamler is the former editor of Woodcraft Magazine and is the author of numerous woodworking books, including two best-selling titles on building birdhouses (“Easy to Build Birdhouses” & “Birdhouses and More”) and a new title on building projects with children (“Build It with Dad”). He is also a Civil War reenactor and writes on that topic, and has written Science Fiction under the name A.J. Austin.