Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman  Video Download

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman Video Download

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Breathe new life into old woodworking hand tools!

There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing a fine old woodworking tool back to life. Restoring old hand tools the right way can save you money, and provides you with a high-quality tool that’s often more precise than modern-day replacements.

In the woodworking double-disc video, Buying & Restoring Hand Tools, traditional hand-tool expert Ron Herman will help you assess individual tools and shop for the best deal to ensure you’re making a smart purchase. Once you have what you know is a quality tool, learn how to bring it back to working condition and tune it for maximum performance.

Join Ron Herman for 6 hours of instruction as he explains exactly how to restore:

  • hand planes
  • drills and bits
  • braces
  • chisels
  • marking gauges
  • and more.

About the Author:

Ron Herman has been working with antique and vintage tools as a master housewright and carpenter – sharpening, fettling, using and restoring them – almost all of his life.