Woodworking Magazine Issue One Digital Edition

Woodworking Magazine Issue One Digital Edition

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship.

Articles in this issue include:

Almost-perfect 6" Rulers
by David Thiel
We tested a handful of 6" steel rulers and discovered that we like - but don't love - only two of them. See which ones we recommend, and which ones (there are eight) we don't recommend at all.

Back Cover - Screws
by the magazine staff
This special full-color poster provides everything you could ever need to know about screws - the different head types, thread types, sizes, parts and some common screw applications.

Cut Accurate and Clean Rabbets
by Christopher Schwarz
After trying every method we could imagine, we've found two ways that are our favorites. Here we'll show you all the step-by-step instructions to cut this essential case joint both ways - one is with a stack dado set on your table saw; the other involves featherboards and two easy maneuvers.

Gluing Up Flat Panels
by David Thiel
Most projects have at least one panel. Stop the slippery, sliding madness and learn the best way to create flat ones perfectly, every time.

End Grain - Bad Treehouses & Good Medicine
With fond memories from his own childhood, a father thinks back on the time he tried to build a treehouse with his own son.

by Christopher Schwarz
Woodworking can be overwhelming at first. So we've taken it upon ourselves to help you understand the terminology. More than 30 terms that are used in this issue are defined here (as well as in the Interactive Glossary on the web site).

Hanging Tool Cabinet
by Kara Gebhart
You can use the same techniques you used with the "Shaker Hanging Cabinet" to build this simple, wall-mounted tool cabinet. With illustrations and photos. Plus: "Storing Your Tools" is filled with clever tool-storage tips and tricks.

Three full pages of questions and comments from readers, along with some wisdom from woodworking experts and our talented staff of craftsmen.

Two full pages containing 10 tricks and tips that will make your woodworking simpler and more accurate.

Making Stub-tenon Doors
by Steve Shanesy
A stub tenon is a great joint for small doors. We show you two great ways to make it - with a router or with a table saw.

On the Level - Listen to your Lumber
by Steve Shanesy
Your wood shouts, whispers and murmurs. Editor & Publisher Steve Shanesy says the careful craftsman understands what all these noises mean.

Shaker Hanging Cabinet
by Christopher Schwarz
The main project of this issue, this cabinet is a great lesson in rabbet joinery, wood selection, wood movement and fitting a door. Includes cutting list, illustrations and photos. Plus: "A Better Hinge" helps you pick a hinge that is easy to install. "Smart Ways to Hang Cabinets" teaches you how to hang your cabinet. "Shelf Support Basics" shows you the best hardware for adjustable shelves.

Understanding Wipe-on Finishes
by Steve Shanesy
The simplest finish is a wipe-on finish. But wipe-on finishes can be either durable or worthless, depending on what's really in the can. We clear up all the confusion. Plus: "A Finishing Experiment" has us testing six popular brands of varnish to find the best.