Woodworking Magazine Issue 11 Digital Edition

Woodworking Magazine Issue 11 Digital Edition

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship and shop-tested techniques.

Articles in this issue include:

Build a Better Face Frame Cabinet
Troy Sexton builds cabinets in a backward fashion. He starts with the face frame, then the door, then the carcase. Why? His reasoning is sound, and it makes construction easier with less chance for error – a good thing for beginning woodworkers. We explore Troy's technique and adapt it for a shop that uses both hand and power tools.

Tool Review: Sliding Bevels
Sliding bevels are one of the most fundamental layout tools. So why do so many of them slip and slide around on you. We investigate the major brands available today and find the best ones.

Technique: Fit Doors & Drawers
Fitting doors and drawers is a source of great anxiety for many woodworkers. We show you how to square up doors with a table saw and fit it precisely with a hand plane. Plus, we explain how to size your drawers so they'll fit properly with only minor adjustments with a plane.

American Wall Cabinet
We employ Troy Sexton's cabinet-building technique to construct a tombstone door wall cabinet. Based on details from a Wallace Nutting piece, this simple cabinet allows the reader to explore dovetailing (without the results showing), plus fitting a face frame, drawer and door.

Tool Tote
When you need to take your tools somewhere in the house to hang a picture, fix a door or install a cabinet, it helps to have a sturdy tool tote. We build a traditional version with dovetailed corners (though we could use nails or something else).

Coloring Walnut
Walnut with a simple clear finish looks cold and lifeless. We show you how to warm up this beautiful wood with a variety of approaches, including shellac and stains.