Woodworking Magazine Issue 12 Digital Edition

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship and shop-tested techniques.

Articles in this issue include:

Gustav Stickley Plant Stand
Building a piece that focuses on existing skills can help you refine your techniques while producing high-quality work.

Technique: Making Clean Through-mortises
Woodworkers expect this joint to be tidy and tight, not ragged and gappy. We explore the best ways to make this sometimes-vexing hole.

Technique: Improving Small Chamfers
We investigate several methods to make precise small chamfers on end grain, then share our results and favorite techniques.

Hanging Shelves
On this simple project, practice perfecting authentic details as you produce a handsome and useful display.

Tool Test: Saddle Squares
This little-known layout tool may change the way you work immeasurably (and you might already have one in your hardware drawer).

A Super Smooth Surface
Grain fillers can level open-grained wood in a single step and save time when it comes to building up a beautiful finish.

Sanding Finishes
Improper sanding can ruin a carefully wrought finish. Here you'll find out how to avoid problems, and discover a few new products.

Reviving Techniques Forgotten (and Gross)
Our forebears wasted little when it came to woodworking – find new (old) uses for spittle, earwax and more.