Woodworking Magazine Issue 15 Autumn 2009 Digital Edition

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This advertising-free publication is filled with good craftsmanship and shop-tested techniques. Articles in this issue include:

The 1839 School Box
A nearly forgotten tale of an English apprentice offers up an excellent (and handsome) lesson in hand-tool joinery.

Breadboard Ends
A handheld router and a couple accessories are all you need to create a traditional breadboard end - with little significant hand-tool work.

The Forgotten Faithful
The White Water Shaker Village is an as-yet unrestored (and little-known) jewel that yields lessons on 19th-century craftsmanship.

Working Across the Grain
When you cut across the grain with handplanes, there is a different set of rules to obey.

Shop-built Layout Tools
Woodworkers used to make their own squares and staightedges as a rite of passage. There are three good reasons you should, too.

Premium Carcase Saws
We test six brands of carcase saws to find the one that is most comfortable, balanced, easy to start, fast and smooth. Can one saw do all this?

Solvent Substitution
What happens when you take a tried-and-true finish and change the solvent? We test turpentine, mineral spirits and odorless mineral spirits to find out.

Old-school 'Encouragement'
Sometimes family traditions actually get in the way of learning the craft of woodworking.

Plus On the Level, Letters, and Shortcuts.