Dust Collection Systems: Choosing, Installing and Maximizing Performance Video Download

Dust Collection Systems: Choosing, Installing and Maximizing Performance Video Download

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Dust Collection Systems: Choosing, Installing and Maximizing Performance

Recorded Webinar with Steve Johnson

Wood chips and dust are inevitable by-products of any good day in the woodworking shop. Capturing and controlling sawdust is a housekeeping and health imperative and can impact the quality of the work we produce. Within the limitations imposed by budget and space, woodworkers should carefully analyze their specific needs, realistically set their expectations, and select the best dust collection equipment for their shops based on careful data analysis. This Webinar will equip woodworkers with the information they need to make good decisions relative to their dust collection efforts.

In this recorded webinar from Popular Woodworking University, Steve Johnson discusses how the the various types of dust collection machines work, how to choose the right machine and how to install it for maximum efficiency.

You’ll learn about:

  • How dust collection systems work to remove sawdust, airborne and invisible dust
  • The three categories of dust collection machines
  • Setting a budget for your system
  • Determining power requirements and limitations
  • Comparing sound output from different machines
  • Collection containers (bag or drum)
  • Intake size
  • Filtration
  • CFM (what it means and how to calculate your needs)
  • Other dust collection system features
  • How to determine the most important features of a dust collection system for your shop

What You’ll Receive:

  • A recording of the live webinar with all the must-have information
  • A PDF of the presentation to use as a resource for your projects
  • A customizable spreadsheet from Steve that takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right dust collection system

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is a full time life-long hobbyist woodworker committed to helping new and experienced woodworkers achieve the “shop of their dreams” - even if (especially if?) they don’t have a dream budget to work with. Steve is a retired businessman, and in his career relocated many times... He has had shops in basements, one- and two-car garages, barns, outbuildings, and once in the back of a semi-trailer. Now with a permanent shop and a little more shop time, he produces articles and videos to share his knowledge and experiences with other woodworkers. His videos can be seen at “DownToEarthWoodworks” on YouTube and his articles appear monthly in Highland Woodworking’s on line newsletter.