Foundations of Better Woodworking with Jeffrey Miller  Video Download

Foundations of Better Woodworking with Jeffrey Miller Video Download

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The Key to Flawless Woodworking Techniques?

It’s a Matter of Mind, Body and Senses

If you’re like most woodworkers, you spend a lot of time tuning and adjusting your tools to get the absolute best performance. But if you really want to learn flawless woodworking techniques you also need to tune yourself. That’s right. Improving the way you use your tools—whether hand tools or power tools—can be critical to the quality of your woodworking.

Order you copy of this dynamic 90 minute woodworking video to discover:

  • Which eye you use to lay out and line up a cut can affect whether your dovetails are perfect or too loose.
  • How you can tell when a tool is correctly sharpened by the sound it makes.
  • What burn marks on the wood, as well as the smell of the burn, can tell you important things about using table saws and other tools.
  • How you apply pressure and control each tool not only effects the ease and efficiency of a cut but the safety of each woodworking operation too.

In this woodworking video host Jeff Miller teaches you all this—and much more. Jeff shows how to correctly grip a handplane, chisel, saw and more for flawless cuts. He demonstrates the proper motions to maximize each tool’s abilities and efficiencies. Working with Popular Woodworking’s David Thiel, Jeff shows how to evaluate and adjust how your body and tools mesh for the best performance in your shop.

Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or are just starting in the craft you’ll find the advice in this video will help you refine your skills and produce higher quality results.