Getting Started with Routers  Video Download

Getting Started with Routers Video Download

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A router is capable of creating delicate cuts for inlay work, and more than capable of taking on the heavier task of creating cope-and-stick joinery for raised panel doors. A fairly simple woodworking tool, the router is versatile enough and capable of performing hundreds of woodworking tasks. This full-length video download will help you choose the correct router (or routers) to best fit the type of woodworking done in your shop, as well as provide the basic information to start you using routers freehand and in a router table.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create joinery and decorative profiles with one tool
  • Understand the different features available on routers
  •  Learn the basics for using a router correctly
  • Choose the best router for your shop

Plus, get a free plan for a simple router table.