How to Create Your Own Furniture Designs Video Download

How to Create Your Own Furniture Designs Video Download

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Refine designs without wasting wood!

Stretch and enhance your creative skills by learning how to design your own furniture. Professional furniture maker Aaron Fedarko shares his expert design instruction to help you achieve success.

In this woodworking video you'll learn:

  • To recognize surprising sources of design inspiration from nature and your surroundings
  • 3 must-know guiding principles for design
  • Furniture design standards for comfort and strength
  • How to use quick sketches to help cultivate an idea
  • Tips for drawing to scale in 2D and 3D, and using CAD software
  • The model-making process, from foam board and cardboard to full-size mock-ups
  • How to turn your design into a useful cutting list
  • And much more!
  • Save time and money by thoroughly testing your designs before you cut wood.

    Watch a Preview Now:

    About the Host:

    Aaron Fedarko is a furniture designer and maker who runs a group shop in Rockland, Maine. He's also an instructor at the nearby Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, where he teaches classes in beginning intermediate and advanced furniture making. In his course work, he is passionate in relating design skills that help furniture makers become more creative and develop their own unique style of craft. Aaron ls a regular consultant for GreenWood, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable forestry management and teaches woodworking skills to indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon. He lives in Camden, Maine, with his wife and two sons.