I Can Do That! Season 3, Episodes 13-18 Video Download

I Can Do That! Season 3, Episodes 13-18 Video Download

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The handsome and simple projects of I Can Do That are the perfect introduction to woodworking — and they're nice, quick builds for the experienced woodworker, too! In this collection of six videos from ICDT host Chad Stanton, you'll learn step-by-step how to build solid, well-designed items using inexpensive materials and tools from the home center. Using basic hand tools and portable power tools, you can convert dimensional lumber into great-looking furniture for your home.

Episode 13: Mudroom Locker
Chad has a mudroom locker design to keep the kid's (or your) outdoor gear in order. Build as many as you need and fill the room with storage!

Episode 14: Router Bit Tips
Chad's got an overview of some of his favorite bits (and what they can do) and he's got a couple of jigs for creating some great router joints.

Episode 15: Benchtop Tool Chest
Build a benchtop tool chest that keeps things organized. It features drawers that slide on extended bottoms fit into grooves in the sides, and the top section folds up out of the way.

Episode 16: Marshmallow Catapult
Chad has a way to make any home or office a battleground. With a bunch of scraps from the wood pile and some basic half-lap joinery, he makes this great project for kids of all ages.

Episode 17: Country Corner Cabinet
Build a corner cabinet that will look great in any room. Featuring an arch, adjustable shelves & bullnose and cove mouldings. You'll also learn a simple technique to get even spacing around the door.

Episode 18: Hope Chest
Bring a family tradition to the shop with this hope chest. Using tongue-and-groove, frame and panel construction, this quality piece of furniture is built with our simple set of tools.

About the Host:
Chad Stanton has been a full-time licensed contractor and professional furniture maker for 20 years. He has written articles for Popular Woodworking Magazine and American Woodworker and teaches woodworking classes at Woodcraft stores. He also does demonstrations on hand-tool woodworking and home renovation at various shows. He lives and works in Toledo, Ohio.