Japanese Hand Tools & Joinery  Video Download

Japanese Hand Tools & Joinery Video Download

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Discover The History and Function of Japanese Hand Tools

In this full-length video download, Japanese woodworking expert Jay van Arsdale leads you through the history of Japanese pull saws, planes, chisels and more, and shows you the proper setup and techniques for these still-valid pre-industrial woodworking tools.

Learn to understand and use woodworking tools with a lineage that leads back to the Samurai warrior. By contrasting age-old Japanese tools, technology and techniques with the more common approaches in Western methodologies, the challenges, insights and options modern woodworkers face come into clearer resolution. Jay also shares information on a variety of unique woodworking joints, and shows you the tools in action.

  • Learn about traditional sharpening techniques & tools
  • Discover the history & development of traditional Japanese tools
  • Follow along with the layout and cutting of Japanese joinery Jay van Arsdale is a long-time California daiku

 He is the author of "Shoji: How to Design, Build and Install Japanese Screens", and is a contributing editor on "The Complete Japanese Joinery".