Popular Woodworking Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition

Popular Woodworking Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition

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Our cover story for the December 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking is 12 Rules for Tool Chests, by Contributing Editor Christopher Schwarz. He builds a traditional tool chest that will hold all of your hand tools in one convenient spot.

In Complementary Curves, Jeff Miller shows how most of the challenge in making his graceful arch table with bent-laminations is in the prep.

In Straight Talk on Sharpening, Deneb Puchalski shows that while a cambered plane blade works fine, it is important to first experience “sharp” on a straight blade.

Ernie Conover shows how to keep your lathe from loafing between jobs with this inexpensive Shop-built Disc Sander.

Special wood is the starting point of inspiration for these boxes infused with the past in Ted Brown's Krenov-style 'Memories Box.

In Chester County Style, Charles Bender shows how this Pennsylvania county developed unique and recognizable furniture.

This issue's I Can Do That project is a gent's box by Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick.

In this issue's Tool Test, we take a look at Veritas's Bevel-up Smoothing Plane, Leigh's R9Plus through-dovetail and box-joint jig, and a new veneer saw from Gramercy Tools.

In Design Matters, George R. Walker shows how developing your design skills is a journey of discovery.

In Arts & Mysteries, Adam Cherubini shows how today's tool choices pale in comparison to what 18th-century craftsmen typically had in their tool boxes.

In Flexner on Finishing, Bob Flexner dispels many of the myths about French polishing.

Brian Boggs suggests that you consider yourself a midwife to creativity in The Myth of Original Design.