Sharpen Your Handsaws  Video Download

Sharpen Your Handsaws Video Download

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Yes, You Can Learn to Sharpen a Saw!

Many woodworkers are intimidated by the idea of sharpening a saw by hand. Because of this, they often resort to taking their tools to a professional, with varying results. Ron Herman has sharpened thousands of saws in his career as the owner of Antiquity Builders of Ohio, a century-old family business. As a master housewright and carpenter, Ron works on historically accurate restoration projects using traditional hand tools. In this full-lenght video download, Ron walks you through the steps to achieving accurate and consistent results in sharpening both backsaws and handsaws.

You will learn:

  • Secrets to sharpening backsaws & handsaws
  • The truth about ""shaping"" and ""set""
  • How to cut fleam into a saw & learn how to "test the run"
  • How to achieve consistent results with Ron's methods

You'll benefit from Ron's vast knowledge and years of experience. He runs through the essential tools and the proper techniques for shaping then sharpening your saws so that you know when they are sharp – you'll be satisfied with the results.