The Woodwright's Shop: Colonial Williamsburg: The Blacksmiths Digital Download

The Woodwright's Shop: Colonial Williamsburg: The Blacksmiths Digital Download

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Woodworkers have depended on blacksmiths for centuries to create the various tools and hardware they need, and Roy Underhill has visited the blacksmithing shops of Colonial Williamsburg many times to learn about traditional hardware, tools and techniques. Sit back, relax and enjoy classic fun from The Woodwright's Shop in "Colonial Williamsburg: The Blacksmiths."

#208 THE WILLIAMSBURG BLACKSMITHS - Roy travels to Colonial Williamsburg to work with the blacksmiths to weld and create a froe and forge a cant hook.

#508 IRON BLOOMERY - Roy visits with David Harvey, a blacksmith at Colonial Williamsburg, and learns how to turn bog ore into a woodworking chisel.

#608 ANDERSON'S FORGE - Roy looks at how nails, hinges and tools were made in Colonial America.

#1108 BLACKSMITH OF WILLIAMSBURG - Watch the creation of a set of hardware for window shutters.

#1309 THE GEDDY FOUNDRY OF WILLIAMSBURG - Roy visits the foundry to view the process of pouring and finishing brass and silver for hardware and household items.

#1412 COLONIAL BLACKSMITHS - Blacksmiths were responsible for making tools for the woodworkers of the time. Watch a drawknife being made at the forge.

#1413 BLACKSMITH'S FORGE AHEAD - Learn the steps to make a Suffolk door latch used during Colonial times.

#2009 IN THE BLACKSMITH'S SHOP - Visit the James Anderson Blacksmith Shop to meet with experts Peter Ross and Ken Schwarz as they show Roy how to make some bench chisels and more.

#2109 BLACKSMITH'S HINGES - Join Roy at the Anderson Forge in Colonial Williamsburg to see how to make a traditional cross garnet hinge.

#2712 THE SORDID BLACKSMITH - Roy explores the "vulgar" art of blacksmithing.

Watch a Preview of Episode #1413 - Blacksmith's Forge Ahead Now: