The Woodwright's Shop Compilation: Pull Up A Chair! Video Download

The Woodwright's Shop Compilation: Pull Up A Chair! Video Download

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Over the course of 35 years on his show, Roy Underhill has dedicated many of his programs to building clever and useful seating projects. Join us for this 8-hour “best of” presentation of projects for your posterior from The Woodwright’s Shop.

#404 The Wainscot Chair — Roy works with his daughter Rachel to create a child-size, 17th-century chair.

#605-606 Jacobean Stool — Learn how to create the traditional joinery for a Jacobean stool, and how to complete the turnings and carvings.

#703 Country Comfort — Roy shows us the steps to create the perfect outdoor chair – the Adirondack.

#809 Danish Folding Stools — Roy shares methods for creating two different classic folding stools that have been popular for centuries.

#905 Gypsy Willow Chairs — This classic rustic chair is easily made by bending green twigs.

#1101-1103 Make a Rocking Chair — This three-part project shows the steps to build a classic post-and-rung rocker, from green wood to hickory bark seat.

#1213 Moravian Chair — Roy makes a chair that’s reinforced with dovetailed battens, which makes this small piece extraordinarily strong.

#1306-1308 Make a Windsor Chair — In this three-part project, Roy builds a variation of the chair allegedly used by Thomas Jefferson while writing the Declaration of Independence.

#1502 Jefferson’s Walking Stick Chair — This walking stick folds out to become a small chair – much like the one used by Thomas Jefferson as he laid out plans for the University of Virginia.

#1703 Windsor High Chair — Roy shows you how to make a wonderful Windsor high chair.

#1911 Ladder Chair — Roy builds a classic project; a chair that converts into a short ladder.

#2002 Turned Corner Chair — This unique 1550s chair design uses an equilateral triangle made up of grooved and turned pinewood frames.

#2403 Acadian Chair — The Acadians, forbearers of the Cajuns, brought a clever idea for a chair with them to Louisiana.