The Woodwright's Shop Compilation: Travels with Roy in Europe  Video Download

The Woodwright's Shop Compilation: Travels with Roy in Europe Video Download

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Roy Underhill loves to travel and luckily he takes along his camera so he can share the sights with us. Travels with Roy in Europe has five hours of classic woodworking from: The Woodwright’s Shop

  • #810, English Woodcraft—Roy visits Sussex, England, to view classic building construction techniques and joinery.
  • #1004, Timber Building in Franconia—Visit the Franconian Open-Air Museum in Bavaria with Roy to study timber farming, then visit a water-powered mill using construction techniques dating back to the middle ages.
  • #1005, Secrets of German Woodcraft—At the Franconian Open-Air Museum, Roy continues his look at the woodworking tools and techniques, focusing on societal structure and training used by the early Germans.
  • #1312, Timber Building In the Land of the Midnight Sun—Roy is in Lillehammer, Norway, looking at traditional Norwegian folk architecture and building techniques.
  • #1313, Norwegian Wood—Roy visits a Viking ship museum and the Norwegian Folk Museum.
  • #1401, Woodworkers of the Red Dragon—Roy visits a recreated iron-age Celtic village in Wales, and looks at building construction, clog-making and Welsh woodworking, including traditional carved Welsh love spoons.
  • #1403, Ancient Woodcraft of Ireland—Roy looks at Irish woodworking including houses, harps, caravans, ancient and current ship-building techniques and more.
  • #1604, The Giant Chisels of Gaul—Roy visits local blacksmith shops and museums in the Alsace region of France in search of a giant chisel.
  • #1607, Woodcraft of Alsace, France—In France, Roy takes you along for a ride as we take a look at the woodcraft of Alsace.
  • #1713, Woodworking in Upper Canada—No, it's not Europe, but the European influence lives on in Ontario, Canada, and Roy steps back in time to the 1780s to rediscover the people that settled this land and their wood- & water-based economy.