The Woodwright's Shop, In the Shop with Roy: Workbenches, Tools, Storage & More... Video Download

The Woodwright's Shop, In the Shop with Roy: Workbenches, Tools, Storage & More... Video Download

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Roy Underhill loves his shop. Many of his programs have been dedicated to building clever and useful projects for the shop. Join us in the 10-hour “best of” presentation of favorite projects from: The Woodwright\'92s Shop.

Order your copy today to enjoy these 17 projects:

  • #402 A Spring Pole Lathe: Roy walks us through the steps to create a simple spring pole lathe.
  • #604 A Folding Lathe: Learn how to build an 18th-Century French lathe designed to fold up and store in the corner.
  • #1402 The Carpenter’s Tool Box: Roy shows you how to build his iconic carpenter’s tool tote.
  • #1412 The Williamsburg Blacksmiths: Watch a traditional woodworking tool &endash; a drawknife &endash; forged for using historically accurate techniques.
  • #1501 Sharpening Tools: Roy builds a cedar box for an old sharpening stone while simultaneously teaching the principles of sharpening.
  • #1508 & 1509 Folding Workbench: Learn to build a simple, sturdy folding workbench.
  • #1612 Making Wooden Screws: Roy shows how to use a tap and screw a box to create wooden screws for use in shop and furniture projects.
  • #1701 Make Your Shaving Horse: Learn how to make a shaving horse from a single 2 x 10.
  • #1908 Master Cabinetmaker: Frank Klausz visits the shop to show how to make his water pond for sharpening and how to cut through-dovetails.
  • #2101 Saw Horse: The tools we use can be attractive too! Roy shows how to build a beautiful saw horse.
  • #2103 Toolbox from the 1940s: Build a timeless storage piece from past generations of fine woodworkers &endash; a Joiner’s Tool Box.
  • #2107 Impossible Joints: Make a mysterious puzzle mallet with a devilishly difficult dovetail that’s impossible to break.
  • #2302 & #2303 Making the New Workbench: Roy builds a solid, sturdy workbench without any screws, nails or glue &endash; that you can break down and take with you!
  • #2401 Shaving Horse: Learn to make a shaving horse to help you make ax handles, wheel spokes and more.
  • #2405 The Foot-Powered Lathe: Roy shows how to build a traditional “spring pole lathe” &endash; powered by foot. (A different design than his earlier one.)
  • #2504 The Melancolia Plane: Build the wooden plane pictured in Albrecht Durer’s Melancolia
  • #2508 & #2509 Cabinet Workbench: Roy builds a workbench with storage underneath from a design by Charles Hayward.

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