The Woodwright's Shop: Roy Visits Colonial Williamsburg Video Download

The Woodwright's Shop: Roy Visits Colonial Williamsburg Video Download

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Roy Underhill loves to travel and luckily he takes along his camera so he can share the sights with us. “Roy Visits Colonial Williamsburg” has six hours of classic woodworking from The Woodwright’s Shop.

#113 COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG Visit with the wheelwright, cooper and blacksmith, and stop by the Anthony Hay Cabinet Shop.

#310 ThE GUNSMITH Roy visits with gunsmith Gary Brumfield and gives us a fascinating look at the handcraftd steps necessary to create an 18th-century rifle—lock, stock and barrel—then shows us how to load and shoot one!

#312 THE LUTHIER Luthier George Wilson shows Roy what it took to create an 18th-century violin, from wood to fittings.

#409 RAISING THE SHOP Roy pitches in with the raising of the frame-and-timber structure for Anderson’s Forge.

#510 THE WHEELWRIGHT Roy visits with master wheelwright Dan Stebbins to discover the mysteries and step-by-step realities of making wheels for early American wagons and carts.

#713 WOODCUT PRINTING Travel to the Book Binder’s Shop to learn the history and techniques of woodcutting for use in printing.

#909 BRICK WITHOUT STRAW Learn about the all-but-forgotten skill of making bricks by hand.

#1411 TOOLS OF THE 18th CENTURY Roy visits an exhibit of 1,500 woodworking tools dating from the 18th-century.

#1512 WILLIAMSBURG TRUNK MAKERS Visit the harness shop of Jim Clatter to learn how to make a variety of leather items including a knife holster, pistol buckets and water buckets using 18th-century techniques.

#1513 CLIMBING A COLONIAL STEEPLE Roy climbs Bruton Parish Steeple, which has been holding a bell since the 1770s. The details of the construction tell us about how our ancestors lived, worked and thought.

#2112 FLINTLOCK GUNSMITH Roy visits the Gunsmith Shop to look at the history of the flintlock. Learn how 18th-century flintlock rifles were made and take a close look at the inlays and details used to personalize these pieces of American history.

#2209 WILLIAMSBURG WHEELWRIGHT Find out what it means to make a wooden wheel by hand—from hub to spokes—at the Palace Wheelwright Shop.