The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 33 Video Download

The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill Season 33 Video Download

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For more than 30 years, Roy Underhill has been educating and entertaining audiences with his unrivaled knowledge of traditional hand tools and building techniques. Join Roy for Season 33 in The Woodwright’s Shop.

Episodes 1-13 include:

  • RACHELL’S STANDING DESK — In this two-episode project, build a pine desk using tenons and dovetails for the base, and mitered breadboard ends to make a broad desktop that always stays flat.
  • THE VENERABLE BEAD — Roy demonstrates how to cut bead mouldings that look sharp and last.
  • CARVING AWAY WITH MARY MAY — Classical carver Mary May provides a lesson on woodcarving – plus a proper rebuke for edge tool abuse!
  • SWINGING SAW VISE — Roy duplicates the beveled bridle joints and chamfered chops of an old saw-sharpening vise.
  • SHARPEN THAT SAW! — Using giant rip and crosscut saw models, Roy demonstrates how to correctly sharpen hand saws.
  • COMBINATION PLANES — Roy attempts to replace a chest of moulding planes with one complex metal contraption.
  • JOINED CHEST — Master joiner Peter Follansbee shows how to frame a small mortise-and-tenon chest in the old English style.
  • PANELED CHEST — Peter Follansbee shows Roy how to make and fit beveled panels and a storage till into a framed chest from the Pilgrim era.
  • EARLY IRON — Master blacksmith Peter Ross shows how to forge iron hinges and locks from the earliest days of America.
  • TRY SQUARE — Christopher Schwarz shows Roy how to measure up with an English try square based on examples in Benjamin Seaton’s tool chest.
  • DUTCH TOOL CHEST — Learn from Christopher Schwarz to make the simple and useful Dutch tool chest with its characteristic 30° slanted lid.
  • BIG ASH MALLET! — Roy shows how to make a proper joiner’s mallet for all ages, with an ash head and hickory handle.

Preview: Episode 12, Dutch Tool Chest, with Christopher Schwarz