Turning Basics  Video Download

Turning Basics Video Download

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Learn to Turn Now!

Standard woodworking takes flat pieces of wood assembled to create a larger object. Turning, on the other hand, takes a single piece of wood and creates a finished object all at once.

Even better, that finished object can be incoporated into other woodworking projects.

Another difference in turning is the importance of how the body is used and moved during the process, so, watching turning ? instead of just reading about it ? is the most effective way to learn. With this video download, you'll quickly discover how to master turning basics and beyond, so you can incorporate turning into your workshop skills.

Learn about:

  • Tool Selection & Use
  • Workholding Techniques
  • Sharpening
  • Cutting Coves, Beads & More
  • Making parts for Furniture, Table Legs, Finials & More
Turning Tips & Tricks Author Steve Shanesy has been a furnituremaker for 30-years, and took up turning seven years ago to expand his shop skills.