Urban Woodworking: Designing One-of-a-Kind Furniture Video Download

Urban Woodworking: Designing One-of-a-Kind Furniture Video Download

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Recorded Webinar with Yoav Liberman

Urban Woodworking: Designing One-of-a-Kind Furniture

The process of designing and building a piece from scratch is exciting. It allows us woodworkers to explore new shapes, materials, and construction techniques, and to practice sketching new ideas. Using simply a pencil and paper to outline those first steps of negotiating what we want and what’s possible should be fun. “I cherish this part of the creation process when I sketch out a few options and then distill them into a course of actions that will give birth to a new piece,” says Yoav.

In this webinar, Yoav demonstrates the trajectory of one of his most recent projects: a live edge piece that was constructed from a natural edge slab cut from a fallen New York City tree.

He begins the presentation by displaying sketches and discussing the inspirations and associations that guided him when he illustrated and then drew the plans. He then shows the process of building the piece, and explains how he solved some shaping and joinery challenges, since part of the fun of making a new design is figuring out the best and most elegant way to resolve construction challenges. This presentation will inspire and help you with your own new projects, whether you choose to work with live edge lumber or pursue a more traditional approach - there is nothing more rewarding than making a piece from scratch and claiming its original design as your own.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Incorporating live edges in your work
  • Understanding the importance of negative space
  • Mixing engineered and natural elements
  • Combining painted and clear-finished components for visual interest
  • Finding solutions to difficult joinery problems
  • Getting inspiration from classical architecture
  • Sketching and experimenting with ideas
  • Mimicking nature in your furniture
  • Brining out the best qualities of different materials by choosing the right colors, stains and finishes

What You’ll Receive:

  • A recording of the live webinar with all the must-have information
  • A PDF of the presentation to use as a resource for your projects

About Yoav Liberman:

Yoav has been a furniture designer and woodworker for over thirteen years. He has written articles for Woodwork Magazine, American Woodworker and several other publications. His primary interests are Campaign knock-down furniture and innovative metal hardware, and most of his work involves discarded wood and found objects.