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Veneering Essentials

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Veneering Essentials

Simple Techniques & Practical Projects for Today’s Woodworker 

Steven Der-Garabedian 

Take a fresh look at veneer and elevate your woodworking talents.

For many woodworkers, thoughts of veneering can conjure negative thoughts of cheap, shoddy workmanship or complicated, messy techniques, when the reality is quite the opposite. For those who have tried veneering and struggled, Veneering Essentials is an invitation back to achieve success with simple lessons and practical projects well within the reach of any skill or budget. From making your own iron-on veneer to pressing veneer via vacuum, Veneering Essentials will show you how veneer will open unlimited possibilities in your choices of wood and design.

    WithVeneering Essentials, you’ll learn that some of the best wood is turned into veneer and can be much easier to work with;  how to cut and join veneers to create tight joints as easily as you would in solid stock; make your own helpful tools and jigs; all about adhesives, edging your work, and creating stable curved forms; and to successfully build beautiful projects using both conventional and not-so-standard substrates. It’s all here.

   Thanks to Veneering Essentials, a woodworker no longer needs to think of veneering as complicated, outdated, or out-of-reach. Instead, it will be seen in its true light: an approachable and modern technique that will elevate a woodworker’s talents.

Preview the first several pages of this book here.

 ISBN: 9781950934010

PAGES: 192

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As a cash-strapped teenager, making a wooden box as a gift for his mother started Steven Der-Garabedian on a lifelong journey of working wood. While that first box had more screws and glue than wood, he slowly picked up skills by reading books, magazines, and watching Norm Abram. He found his way to Rosewood Studio and discovered that veneering and bending wood opened up almost endless possibilities. It was also during his time at Rosewood that Steve was bitten by the teaching bug and its many rewards. Today he writes, teaches, and takes on a few commissions all through his own Black Walnut Studio.